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Candidiasis and Celiac Disease

I have to admit that I have been horrible when it comes to the candida diet.  I do well for a week or so and then fall off the wagon and then it takes weeks to get back on.   I have been eating sugar the last few days as if it were going out of style.   I feel like crap, gained a bunch of weight, but didn’t expect that I would feel or look any other way.

I was doing some research on candidiasis this morning on the internet and I came across this interesting read.  It links candida to celiac disease.   I found it fascinating and I am sure you will to.

Candidiasis and Celiac Disease

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Gluten-free and Weight Loss

The cool thing about having a website is you can view how many people visit your site daily.  You can see what pages they clicked on and how they found your site.  If it was through google I can even see what they googled to stumble upon my blog.

The 3 most common things people google that find my blog are #3) Gluten-free or Dairy-free recipes, #2) Symptoms of gluten or dairy allergy and #1) Going gluten-free and weight loss.

Based on this I know that the information most people are interested in is if a gluten-free diet helps contribute to weight loss.  I mentioned in a previous post, “Did You Just Call Me Fat?” that I don’t think that the diet should be used for weight loss and I list the reasons for that, but either way people still want to know the answer.  I can’t answer this question on a broad scale, but I can share my personal experience with the gluten-free diet.

So, did I lose any weight since I went gluten-free?

The answer is yes and no.

When I initially went gluten-free I actually gained four pounds. WTF right?  Then I read somewhere that this is common when starting a gluten-free diet and this happens for many reasons.  One of the reasons I suspect was the catalyst for my weight gain is gluten-free desserts, which I was indulging in a lot.  They have as much or even more bad fat and sugar in them to make them taste as good as regular desserts.

It wasn’t until I switched to the paleo diet that my symptoms really started clearing up and I shed some pounds.   Before I went gf I was at 116 lbs, then I gained 4 lbs which made me 120 lbs (dislike) in May, which was about 1 month of gluten-free diet.   Since I went paleo in mid May, I have lost 8 of those lbs, which makes me 112 lbs today.

I really hope I don’t lose any more weight now, because it just seems to be coming off of my lady parts and NOBODY likes that.  It’s almost to the point that I have to buy a whole new set of bra’s because I have almost lost a cup size and the very little amount of ga dunk ga dunk I had to begin with is gone!  :(

So, to sum it all up,  I do not attribute my weight loss to the Gluten-free diet, but to the very healthy strict diet of nuts, seeds, meat, fruits and veggies.   I have never eaten so much fat in my life and I actually lost weight, so don’t be afraid of good fats if you are going to try a paleo lifestyle.   You really need these fats to make sure you are getting your recommended daily caloric intake.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it informative.   Otherwise I am confessing my weight to the world for no good reason.

Looking forward to hearing feedback.  Feel free to share, rate or comment on this post.

Thanks for reading



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Healthy Travels!

I am half way through my trip in LA and I’m happy to say it is the first in the history of my travels that I actually lost weight on a trip.   Granted it’s only one pound, but the point is usually when I am in a city away from home I gain a minimum of five pounds.

Now that I am gluten-free and dairy-free I am not spending my trip going to all the local restaurants and indulging in nasty foods.  I figure since I am in LA I should eat as healthy as the locals do.  I have been checking out raw food restaurants and other healthy options.

I prefer it here because when I order a plate of grilled veggies with salmon and walnuts on the side, nobody looks at me like I am from Mars.  In fact if I didn’t finish my sentence with an “eh?” they would have thought I was just another wanna be actress who doesn’t eat anything like all the rest of the girls here.   Although yesterday I did have this incredible pizza from a raw food restaurant called Sunpower Natural Cafe.

I also find staying active during a trip really helps with food cravings.   Today I went for the second time to Runyon Canyon, and did a two hour hike around the park.   It was absolutely beautiful and I hope to do a few other local trails before I leave on Wednesday.

Tomorrow I am going to try this gluten-free, dairy-free ice cream place called Kind Kreme.  I will report back once I have tried it.


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Did you just call me fat?

Oh no you didn’t…

I had a really interesting experience today with a girl who I think had a lot of guts.  While sitting at a table at a local coffee shop  I mentioned my allergies to my friend sitting with me.   This stranger ask me a few questions that I was more than happy to answer,  after she heard a list of the foods I had to stay away from she said “Oh wow, you are going to lose A LOT of weight.”  I had to capitalize the A LOT because she really stressed it.  Her beady little eyes even widened a little as she said those two words.

If you don’t know me, I am 28 and 116 lbs.   Granted I can afford to lost a couple of those pounds, but for a stranger to tell me I am going to lose a lot of weight seemed a bit uncalled-for.   I have heard similar, less offensive comments from friends this week, but they didn’t seem to bother me one bit.  Perhaps it was just the delivery.  My loving cousin said to me the other night, “I bet you will lose some weight.”   and she knows how much I loved to eat crap before this new journey, so I felt that was fair.   Another friend mentioned that I would probably lose any water I may have been retaining.   Those comments actually made me look forward to what’s to come for me.   But this chick with the beady little eyes and dry hair, had stepped out of line.

My first instinct was to punch her in the mouth.  But, I am a girl of class and I don’t do that sort of thing… in public.  I prefer to wait for an opportunity when there are no witnesses.

“Okay.”  I thought, “my second option is to take a picture of this girl and share it with you all on my blog so you can see the gutsy girl with the beady little eyes, dry hair and big man-hands.”

I chose to take the third option which is something they call “the high road”.  I am not sure if I did it right because knocking her teeth out would have given me a much bigger high.

I hope you all know that I am exaggerating a little for entertainment purposes.  I mean–her hands weren’t that big.   Anyway the whole point of this story is to talk about Gluten-free, dairy-free diet and weight loss. I want to say I am not a weight loss expert or in no way am I claiming to be one.  I am just sharing my opinions and things that have worked for me in the past.   I don’t believe that if someone cuts out those two things, that they will lose weight.  In fact the gluten-free, dairy-free desserts and packaged foods have just as many sugars as gluten/dairy foods.   My husband, who is a chiropractor and mind-body wellness expert, actually wrote a few very entertaining and imformative blogs on sugar and insulin, fat storage and even a blog series on weight loss.   Here is the link if you are interested

I figure if I am going to resist my favorite desserts, I am not going to replace them too often with Gluten-free dairy-free ones, because I do really like to stay as healthy as possible.   That is not to say I am not going to indulge every now and then (as I take another handful of my gluten-free kettle corn).   I will still have a cheat day the way I normally would.   I find from experience the best way to do that is to plan ahead.   Choose what day of the week you are going to make your cheat day and decide in advance what you are allowed to indulge in.   I personally find that if you don’t plan these things and you let yourself do it spontaneously then you lose self control.  One cheat day becomes two, and so on.   I really like deciding ahead of time what I am going to eat on my next cheat day for a number of reasons…

1)   If I carefully chose what I am most craving, I am more likely to be satisfied with the snack or dessert I have planned.

2)  If I don’t plan what I am going to eat then I eat everything!   I think things like “Well I have already cheated today, I might  as well eat what ever I want for the rest of the day.” and I keep eating junk until I find that thing that satisfies me.  Which is a totally absurd way to think, but admit it— you do it too.

Remember if you are concerned about your weight and or weight loss then eating gluten-free or dairy-free products does not mean you are safe and it doesn’t mean you can have a unlimited amount of these packaged substitutions.  I don’t think this meal plan should be used as a weight loss plan, but turning into a skinny bitch would be kind of cool.  If I do lose any weight or water retention from my new diet then let me assure you that you all will be the first to know.     I could go back to the coffee shop and show that gutsy girl with the beady little eyes, dry hair, big man hands and clown feet.  Okay but all joking aside, let’s be serious here for just a second, I would like to take a poll… How many of you thought I should have knocked her out?


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